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Rally for Radical Life Extension. Part 1.

NOTE: This is rather word-for-word translation of what was heard at the meeting. Sorry for its quality — the goal was to translate as quick as possible.

2011-09-24, 14:00 MSK




(I'm glad to greet you at the rally) dedicated to radical life extension! (applause)

This is the first rally for immortality in the world, the first rally for radical life extension in the world, and I'm glad that at last in 2011 this did happen. Around us here is old Moscow, old buildings, old technologies, old people. And they don't know yet that the world is changing, and that the world has already changed. Because after we came here today to claim, for the first time so loudly and so significantly, about our right for life extension, about our right for immortality, about our desire to make use of this right, this statement will never fall into silence. What we'll say today, will be impossible to undo. And that world which was accustomed for generations to disappear, for every human being to die, has little time to stay, and soon it will be gone. Today we will speak about why the right to live, the right to extend life is the first, the most fundamental right of every human being. We all know the right to live is number one both in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in the Constitution of Russian Federation, but somewhy we don't use this right, somewhy we forget this right belongs to everyone of us, including our fathers, our grandfathers, our grandmothers. And this right cannot be taken away, and must not be taken away from anyone, even if one is 70. 80 or 90 years old. We will demand that every human being on this planet could make use of modern technologies, medicine, biotechnology, gene engineering. Because today we know exactly that human life extension beyond normal limits became possible long ago, and for long we know how to reach it. That's why at last we'll start demanding it. Today we'll speak not only about this right, but also about what is already being done, and what the participants of this rally are doing in order to give people the right for immortality and a possibility to use this right. Because among us here are doctors, scientists, those who implement leading technologies, allowing to grow organs, allowing to save human life even in the worst condition. There are people who seek how to stop human aging, how to slow it and make humans indefinitely young and healthy. Among us here are people who started to fight for this idea yet 30 years ago, when it was impossible to speak about that so openly and so loudly as we say now, because the society was even more inert, even more dark and unable to understand these possibilities as it is now. Today people already say about immortality in the whole world, and today famous politicians, public figures, people of art speak about life extention, say that humans must change, in particular, must lose their quality of being mortal and die. That's why today we are lucky, we are lucky that we live in a world where everyone of us has an absolutely real chance for immortality. All of us who were able to come here on our own feet, have enough health to live up to the moment when people will no longer need to die. And I sincerely hope that all those who are present here will live up to that moment, will live up to the immortality, despite that most people die, every day more that 200 thousand people die around the world. This is a horrible tragedy which we must stop.

I need to say that Russia is that one country where ideas of immortalism perhaps were born, and perhaps are the most strong today. Because it's we who had Tsiolkovsky, and Vernadsky, and Nikolay Fyodorov, the famous philosophers and thinkers who already 100 years ago and even before said that humans can be immortal. In principle, all the history of our state is based on the cosmic project, on the project to change humanity, bring it to the space, give it unlimited possibilities. And today we are going to do it. In Russia there is no stronger idea than the idea of immortalism, the idea of live extension and human development. And we are confident that this idea already in a couple of years will become so strong it will be impossible to keep it silent. It will be impossible to laugh at it, impossible to say it's only a dream. This idea will start becoming reality. Today we all hear about scientific and technological progress, about innovations, but very ofter there are no really important projects behind these words. The human life extension project is exactly such an important project. Every human being, every retiree, every old person who is alive today in our country deserves extension of their life, deserves rejuvenation and deserves to live indefinitely long and prosper. And we are going to make this dream reality.

I want to introduce you the first speaker, a person who has already given 10 years of his life to the idea of immortality, that is Mikhail Aleksandrovich Batin, the President of Science for Life Extension Foundation, who once was a politician, a businessman, and decided to make the top priority of his life exactly the fight for immortality, the fight for life extension. He has already done much, in particular... well, he will tell about this himself, if he wants. Mikhail, I invite you. (applause)


Good day, friends. Well, first of all I want to say that we all did well to come here, and now we are not afraid to say openly that we need radical life extension, we need immortality, and we are ready to make a lof of efforts for that. And what I want to say, if we just speak that the government "should", then nothing will change, because the goal of the government is not people, not people's life — this is our goal, and it depends on us, how we are ready to make our own efforts for radical life extension of each and every. And we need to do very simple things. We need just to be together, to be together at the rally, to be together at events, at scientific lectures, to be together on the Internet. And the second thing we need to do is for everyone of us to speak about him/herself: "and what have I done today, what have I done for immortality". And I call you all for this. I call for more efforts, and to be together, to be in unity. Really my speech is not that long, this is not very fundamental... no, surely this is fundamental, what I wanted to say I will write in my blog, and will tell even more about how we need to extend life, what research is needed. And today I want to say again thanks for all of you coming here, for all of us coming here, and that progress is inexorable. And perhaps people who are present here, who may for first time hear about radical life extension, they may wonder at this event. I want to appeal to them, or to those people who will read about this event in mass media, that every month you will see confirmations of our rightness, that progress being inexorable, that technologies do develop, and we need to accelerate the scientific and technological progress. And because we are right, we will win, the question is only when, and who will live up to it. And our task of acceleration is only for as many people as possible to be able to live up to radical life extension. Once more, thank you very much. (applause)

And now some music to cheer you up.

MUSIC: Viktor Tsoy, "Peremen!" ("Change we need!"); a famous Russian rock song of 1980s, popular at mass political events since Perestroika.